Property Valuations FAQs

Here you can find some of our most frequently asked questions about the property valuations we offer. If you can’t see your query listed below, please contact us to see how we can help.

What is a valuation?

A property valuation is carried out by a qualified surveyor or a specialist valuer to determine the current market value of a property. The survey usually only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and a variety of the building’s features will be taken into account to calculate its value. This will include its age, size, layout and condition, as well as the desirability of its location and the prices of similar houses in the area.

Is a property valuation the same as a Mortgage Valuation?

Mortgage Valuations are one kind of valuation, usually carried out on behalf of a lender prior to releasing funds to purchase a new house. Mortgage Valuations are used to confirm that a property is suitable collateral for the loan in case borrowers cannot keep up with their repayments and the house has to be repossessed.

At Daily Move, we provide valuations that are tailored to a wide range of circumstances, designed to benefit buyers and homeowners and provide them with all the details required for a number of legal processes, not just mortgages or re-mortgaging.

Is a valuation the same as an estate agent’s estimate?

When an estate agent values your property, they are ultimately looking to get your business. This may mean that they over-value your home so the higher figure tempts you into listing it with them or, in some cases, they might provide a slightly lower figure to encourage a fast sale. In either case, you’ve got no factual basis to know the true market value of your home.

If you have your property surveyed by a RICS registered valuer, you know they are following an established set of practice guidelines to keep standards consistent. Known as ‘Red Book valuations, any surveyor conducting these is monitored by the RICS quality assurance mechanism.

What types of property valuations do you offer?

At Daily Move, we can tailor our valuation reports to meet the specific criteria required for a range of private, commercial and legal applications. This includes valuations for:

• Probate
• Matrimonial or divorce agreements
• Insurance purposes
• Help-to-Buy equity repayments
• Establishing Council Tax rates
• Calculating Capital Gains Tax
• Securing a mortgage or re-mortgaging
• Retrospective valuations

If you require a specific type of valuation but don’t see it listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your needs with one of our friendly team.