RICS Property Valuation Report

 The RICS Property Valuation report is an evaluation of the current market value of a property.

As members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Daily Move are proud to offer RICS property valuation reports to clients all across the UK. Our mission is to make the process of buying or selling your house as smooth as possible, which is why our valuations are competitively priced and our service is tailored to your requirements.

From our offices in London and Essex, we attend property all over the country to provide valuation reports. Not to be confused with property surveys, valuations involve only a surface-level inspection of a building to assess its size, style, features and location. We then use these characteristics to compare it with similar properties that have recently sold in the area.

The RICS Property Valuation report will typically include:

– A summary of the property, including its internal floor space
– General condition of external and internal walls and floors
– Open market valuation
– Insurance and rebuilding cost assessment
– Valuation comments and conclusion
– Comparables

Why are property valuations important?

There are a number of situations in which a property valuation may be required, either by a current homeowner, a potential purchaser or a third-party, such as insurance providers, HMRC or financial advisers.

Our teams in London and Essex are familiar with carrying out accurate, RICS-standard valuations for a range of purposes, including (but not limited to), the ones below.

Market Valuations

The valuations we most often provide are market valuations, to help clients across London, Essex and around the UK to understand the value of a property with an impartial, qualified estimate. These can be useful when buying and selling property, as values provided by estate agents can sometimes be influenced by the agent’s desired to win your business.

Private Valuations

Many people simply wish to better understand the current value of their property, even if they do not wish to sell. In these cases, we are happy to provide a private valuation, carried out to the same standard as a market valuation or report intended for legal purposes.

Help-to-Buy Valuations

A growing number of our clients have bought homes with the help of the government Help-to-Buy scheme, and are ready to start making repayments. Whether they are choosing to do this by paying their loan back in instalments or remortgaging the property, a valuation is required to ensure that the amount they pay reflects the property’s current market value, which may have increased (or decreased) since completing the purchase.

Shared Ownership Valuations

If you are preparing to sell your part of a shared-equity home, or re-assign a shared lease, you will need to have a RICS valuation carried out to ascertain its current worth. As the report is only considered valid for three months, our surveyors will work around your schedule to provide maximum convenience.

Inheritance and Probate

Should someone pass away, the value of their property will need to be recorded for tax purposes. Our surveyors will work sensitively and efficiently with the executor of the will or personal representative to ensure that your valuation is carried out in a timely manner, and produce a report that meets the requirements for submission to the Inland Revenue and Valuation Office Agency.

Matrimonial and Divorce Valuations

RICS property valuations can be conducted for pre-nuptial or divorce agreements, whether to determine the value of a partner’s assets prior to marriage, or to assist in the process of dividing shared property upon separation. These valuations are typically carried out upon the family home, but we can also survey other residences or business property as required.

If you require a competitively-priced assessment of a property’s value contact us today. Call our friendly team to arrange a RICS property valuation report suitable for your circumstances, or use our online form to request a free, no-obligation quote.

Still got questions about the RICS Property Valuation Report? Read our FAQS here.