RICS HomeBuyers Reports for London, Essex and the UK

 The most popular type of property survey in the UK.

RICS HomeBuyers Reports are a Level 2 survey, and are recommended for most homes in the UK. They are ideal for almost any property that’s in a good condition, providing it was made using conventional materials and techniques and built in the last 80 years or so. Any older than this and a Building Survey may be more appropriate. Daily Move has provided HomeBuyer Reports to hundreds of clients across Essex and London, working with properties of all types and sizes.

In a HomeBuyers report, you can expect to see a description of your property, identifying potential risks, legal issues and structural defects. The survey is non-intrusive, meaning that your surveyor will only inspect the visible, easily accessible parts of the property. Indoor and outdoor areas will be covered, but furniture, floorboards and wall hangings won’t be moved.

A HomeBuyer Report will provide advice about repairs and ongoing maintenance, as well as any changes you need to make to conform to Building Regulations. The report you receive will be laid out in an easy to read setup, and follow a traffic light colour-coding system to help you identify the most important issues. There is also the option of having a valuation included in your HomeBuyer Report.

Professional surveys carried out by experienced surveyors

Being proactive about your new property is the best way to manage your budget and prevent unpleasant surprises once you move in. At Daily Move, we are happy to assist buyers across London and Essex, advising them about the most appropriate survey for their new home and conducting a RICS-approved investigation to the highest standard.

Our mission is to make the house buying process as smooth as possible. We know that you have a lot of decisions to make before moving into your home, which is why we offer all of our surveying and conveyancing services at a highly competitive rate. If you have any questions or if you would like a free, no-obligation quote for our RICS HomeBuyers Reports, contact our team today.

Helping you choose the right survey

RICS HomeBuyer Reports are suitable for the majority of homes in the UK. Ideally, your home will be:

– A flat or house built from standard materials, in a conventional manner

– In reasonable condition, without obvious cause for concern

– Constructed in the last 80 years

They are not suitable for:

– Period properties or listed buildings

– Especially large homes

– Buildings with significant alterations, or that require renovations

Includes all the details you need

A RICS HomeBuyer Report will include:

– Legal background information about the property and its location

– An assessment of any damp-proofing, drainage or insulation in the building (drains are not tested)

– Inspecting the condition of the building’s timbers, looking for woodworm or rot

– The results of damp test taken from the walls

– A valuation and/or reinstatement cost if required

– Details of urgent problems that require specialist attention before signing a contract

Still got questions about the RICS HomeBuyer Report? Read our FAQS here.