RICS Building Surveys for London, Essex and the UK

Uncover every detail about your prospective new home.

A RICS Building Survey is categorised as a Level 3 inspection of your house, making it the most in-depth investigation that the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors endorse. These surveys are specifically tailored to provide insight and detail which may be missed in a HomeBuyer Report, making them ideal for buildings that are older, larger or more structurally complex than a typical home. Building Surveys may also be the most effective choice for properties that are in poor condition, or are about to undergo significant renovation.

Our team at Daily Move has carried out Building Surveys for numerous clients across London and Essex, working with a variety of listed buildings, contemporary homes and everything in between. Get a highly competitive, no-obligation quote for free, today.

Giving you a comprehensive understanding of your home

Should you choose to commission a Building Survey, we will arrange for one of our qualified surveyors to attend the site. It usually takes several hours to conduct a Building Survey, during which time every accessible area of your home-to-be will be investigated. This includes attics and basements, outbuildings and spaces between floors (if possible), however fitted carpets, wall coverings and locked areas will not be disturbed.

When you receive your report, the document will contain a comprehensive and easy to follow break-down of the locations and rooms within the property. Any concerns that your surveyor has will be clearly documented, with details of the issue, advice about how (and how quickly) it should be dealt with, as well as repair cost estimates. In addition to existing defects, your surveyor will highlight any features that may be in need of maintenance or repair in the future.

The Essential Survey for an Older Home

Period properties are full of character, history and unique quirks, and it’s important to understand how you can maintain these for years to come. By commissioning a Building Survey, you can not only learn about preservation, care and repair for your new home, but also make yourself aware of any major issues that could need significant investment once you move in.

Building Surveys are best suited to homes that are:

• 80 years old or more
• Listed buildings
• Especially large
• Made with unusual period features, such as thatched roofing or timber frames
• Constructed using unconventional materials
• In poor condition, or have obvious cause for concern
• Expected to undergo significant renovation or alteration

If you would like any advice about which RICS survey might be the best choice for your home, please contact us. We are dedicated to making our clients’ buying or selling process as easy as possible, and would be glad to use our surveying or conveyancing services to assist you. If you have any questions or if you would like a free quote for our RICS Building Surveys, contact our team today.

Still got questions about the RICS Building Survey? Read our FAQS here.