Conveyancing for Sellers in London, Essex & UK-wide

 Selling a property should be straightforward and hassle free

Especially if you choose the right solicitor to meet your needs

To help make sure your house sale goes smoothly, your solicitor must be able to swiftly reply to enquiries and keep in contact with all parties involved.

Whether you’re currently living in the property, living elsewhere in the UK or even abroad, our solicitors will work hard to sell your property with ease.

  1. We’ll provide you with a fixed, ‘no move, no fee’ quote.
  2. Once you accept the quote, we’ll assign a solicitor. They will call and send you all the necessary paperwork immediately.
  3. Simply return the paperwork signed, complete with your certified copies of ID and proof of address. Your solicitor will then draft the initial sale contract and send to the buyer.
  4. Your solicitor will advise you on any inquiries raised by the buyer – and respond appropriately.
  5. With all the information and answers confirmed, your terms will be agreed and a date set to complete.
  6. Both sides will exchange and sign contracts. If the buyer pulls out at this point, they will lose their deposit.
  7. On the day of completion, the full funds are exchanged and any payments to agents or banks are arranged by your solicitor.

If you’re selling and buying at the same time we would typically assign the same solicitor to handle both transactions. That said, we’ll always talk through your case and advise what’s best.