Conveyancing for Buyers in London, Essex and UK-wide

 Whether you’re new to or have experience of buying a home

it’s important to be proactive. That's where our solicitors come into their own.

UK law places all the responsibility for researching a property on the buyer, with what’s called ‘caveat emptor’ or ‘buyer beware’. All our solicitors are pro-active – quick to chase and communicate with all parties so that your purchase goes through smoothly.

We understand all the possible pitfalls associated with buying a property. So, our primary focus is on choosing the right solicitor; whether they’re local to you, have a low workload to meet tight timeframes, or know the ins and outs of Grade II listed buildings. And all at a competitive market rate to suit your budget.

  1. We’ll talk through your needs and provide you with a fixed, ‘no move, no fee’ quote.
  2. Once you accept the quote, we’ll assign a solicitor. They will call and send you all the necessary paperwork immediately.
  3. Simply return the paperwork signed, complete with your certified copies of ID and proof of address. Your solicitor will wait for the seller’s contract to review.
  4. Your solicitor will raise enquiries with the seller and gather any information required – eg. searches etc.
  5. Once all the information and answers are confirmed, your terms will be agreed and a date will be set to complete.
  6. Both sides will exchange and sign contracts. This is the point where the purchase is legally binding.
  7. On the day of completion, money is exchanged and you can pick up the keys.
  8. Your solicitor will finish the post-completion formalities, such as paying any stamp duty and ensuring your name is on the deeds at the Land Registry.

If you’re buying and selling at the same time, you’ll need the right solicitor for your situation. Typically, we would assign the same solicitor to handle both transactions. However, in some cases choosing solicitors with different fields of expertise can be better for you.

Yes. As part of the initial process, we will confirm your lender and make sure your solicitor can act for them. This avoids any additional fees – and speeds up the process.
We have solicitors who can act for every UK lender, as well as most international lenders.