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Our expert conveyancers and chartered surveyors in Romford provide a variety of services to help clients buy and sell property smoothly. Whether you want a HomeBuyer Report before making an investment, or need a transfer of equity to change the ownership of your home, Daily Move can help.

All of our surveyors are RICS accredited and provide high-quality surveys and valuations for various kinds of property in Romford, including commercial units, listed buildings and large, purpose-built complexes. Our conveyancing team assists with the legal requirements of completing a sale, purchase or transfer of equity, ensuring your transaction goes smoothly.

At Daily Move, we aim to take the stress out of moving home. As part of this commitment, we ensure every client benefits from:

• A solicitor or surveyor with a workload to match the requirements of each case;
• Clear, easy to follow reports and communication;
• A flexible, responsive service to meet tight deadlines where required;
• Relevant experience to anticipate and avoid issues where possible;
• A proactive approach to progressing their case;
• As many (or as few) updates as they require throughout the process.

Case Studies

Here are two occasions where our team responded to our client requirements quickly, to ensure that they could confidently proceed with their property transaction. For more examples of our recent work, please visit our case study page.

Ms Doan, Peckham

In October 2017, Daily Move worked with Ms Doan, who was negotiating the purchase of her 2-bedroom flat in Peckham, London. Having enjoyed her home for several years, Ms Doan was applying under the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme to purchase the ground-floor flat outright.

The Right to Buy scheme makes it possible for some tenants of Housing Association or council-owned property to purchase their home at a considerable discount. Although it is only applicable to certain homes, since its introduction in 1980, the scheme has allowed approximately 1.5 million families and tenants to secure property in circumstances where they may not have been otherwise able to.

Ms Doan was one of these tenants and, having met the criteria for eligibility, her application to purchase her home was approved. However, Ms Doan felt that the suggested price for the property did not accurately reflect its condition, so requested that we carry out a second, independent valuation.

Our surveyor investigated the property and determined that its current value was indeed lower than the figure given to Ms Doan. This allowed her to challenge the initial valuation and ultimately purchase her flat for a price she felt was fair. Ms Doan was very happy with this result and thanked our team for helping her to secure her home in Peckham, London.

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Mr Beak, Lydalls

In May of last year, we assisted Mr Beak in buying an investment property near Didcot, Oxfordshire. He was hoping to make a cash purchase of a 3-bedroom bungalow, but it was unclear as to how much repair work was going to be required to bring the building to a re-saleable condition.

Understanding the cost of repairs is an essential part of calculating the viability of a cash investment, as the sale price has to reflect both the cost of improvements and the money spent finding and investigating the property. To help him make his decision, Mr Beak asked Daily Move to carry out an accurate valuation of the building.

With all of our clients, we take the time to understand the most important factors in their sale or purchase. In this case, it meant that we could respond to Mr Beak’s desire for a quick decision and would look at the property as an investment, rather than a potential home.

We sent a surveyor to attend the property as soon as possible and focus on the aspects of the property with the most potential value. The final valuation report was turned around within 10 days and helped to eliminate much of the unknown factors of the investment, assuring Mr Beak that the required works would not be too costly and allowing him to confidently proceed with his investment.

Mr Beak has been a returning client for some time and we hope to see him again, once he has completed his project in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

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