Whether you’re looking to sell your first home or your fifth, deciding when to enter the market can be difficult. Separate from the country’s overall market trends, it’s not unusual for local areas to experience peaks and troughs of property interest throughout the year, sometimes with only a few short weeks making the difference between a sluggish sale and a fast-paced bidding war.

Luckily, many of these seasonal trends can be predicted, and as conveyancers and surveyors, at Daily Move we’re exceptionally familiar with the cycles. By understanding what motivates most people to move home, you can work the system to your advantage, and secure an excellent price and a short sale.


Spring tends to offer the largest pool of buyers, as people embrace the slightly warmer weather and the ‘fresh start’ the season represents. By late spring most schools will be wrapping up, meaning that parents will be more comfortable moving their children, and might even be looking for a home in a good catchment area for September.


June through to August brings nicer weather and wonderful lighting, which can provide the opportunity for you to really make your house stand out. A lush garden, emphasis on outdoor space and lots of natural sunlight will make any property more appealing.

However, a lot of people will be enjoying their holidays, and won’t be focused so keenly on the market. You can still find plenty of families willing to move in summer, particularly to get children settled before term starts, but you may find that you achieve a much lower sale price.


Once people are back from their holidays, the interest in property tends to pick up. Yes, you will probably have missed the rush of families looking to settle before school starts, but both older and younger markets are usually keen to move before Christmas. If you have a property that might appeal to young professionals, first-time buyers or downsizers, you might be able to achieve a quick sale when October rolls around – just make sure you’re ready to move promptly.


There is usually around 8 weeks between exchange and completion, so homes listed in November will typically suffer from a slump in interest – few people want the stress of moving home before the Christmas holidays. If you put your property on the market too late, you may not find a buyer until January, when people will be concerned about the length of time your home has gone unsold. If you’re thinking about moving house in winter, you may be best to wait until the New Year before advertising it.

Don’t forget that things going on in your local area will have a direct effect on the sale of your house, too. Before committing to putting your house on the market, it may be worth checking your local council for any planning permission granted to buildings or roads nearby – you don’t want to be showing viewers around a home that’s affected by noise or traffic disruptions!

If you are desperate to move, then keep in mind that quick sales and high prices rarely go hand-in-hand. Once you have an offer, or have found a new home that you like the look of, talk to our team to arrange your surveys and conveyancing with as little fuss as possible.