Whether you’ve just got the keys to your new home or are planning to put it on the market, there are a few changes you can make to boost the value of your property. Here are five of the most popular options for all budgets, just remember to obtain planning permission and the advice of a qualified surveyor before making any drastic structural changes.

Give it a fresh lick of paint

Spending an afternoon and £100 is all it takes to clean and re-paint the front of your house. Make sure windows are gleaming, the path is swept and any superficial damage is taken care of. First impressions count, and boosting the curb appeal of your home is more likely to get buyers through the door and making reasonable offers.

Refurbish your door

Talking of doors, how is yours looking? Most homeowners are too preoccupied with getting indoors to notice that their entrance is looking a little shabby, but you can bet visitors will. You might not even need to buy a brand-new door, just give it a clean, a coat of paint and some new hardware. Match the door handle with the letterbox and house number and you’ll instantly elevate the look of your property.

Update the kitchen

Kitchens have become the heart of most homes, so whether you’re moving in or moving out, you will see a big benefit by renovating yours.

Before you rip the old kitchen out, make sure you’re happy to budget an appropriate amount for your new one. Refitting the kitchen will only add a certain amount of value (so avoid over-spending if you want to see a return), but putting a cut-cost kitchen into a high-end home could actually damage its overall worth. You can typically add about 5-6% to the value of your home with a new kitchen, so budget accordingly.

No matter what, make sure you end up with a good balance of counter and cupboard space, and make sure the ‘kitchen triangle’ (that’s the area between the sink, fridge and cooker) is unobstructed.

Build a conservatory

To get the maximum value from a conservatory, you’ll need to make sure that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the building inside and out. Try using the same flooring as the room it’s attached to, and make sure the brickwork and windows match those in the existing building. You’re likely to spend £10,000-£20,000 depending on the size of your conservatory, but you’ll see a boost of around 7% to your home’s value.

Convert your loft

Converting the loft is the easiest way to get an extra bedroom and bathroom into a property with limited space. Typically costing around £30,000, a well-executed loft conversion can increase your property’s value by over 10%. The project will need to include strengthening the floor joists, installing windows and creating an access staircase, but the good news is that most of this can be done from the outside, causing minimal disruption in your home.

When planning these updates, make sure you budget in enough time and money to get the work done professionally. If you’re confident in your own DIY abilities that’s fine, but remember that botched work will end up reducing the value of your home.

If you would like more information about a Building Survey prior to carrying out alterations to your home, please get in touch. Similarly, if you want specific advice about the current or potential market value of your property, our expert team at Daily Move can help.