Many house-hunters fall into one of two categories; those who wouldn’t ever consider a new-build home, and those who wouldn’t buy anything else. Whether new builds are a better investment is hotly debated, and depends largely on what you expect from a home.

A Blank Canvas

When your house is literally being built from the ground up, there are lots of opportunities to make your mark. Depending on the builder, buyers can typically choose the materials, colours and finishes found in most areas of the house, giving them a chance to truly shape their dream home. While some people have such a clear vision that they would prefer to build a completely unique property, buying on a new-build development is usually much less stress!

Latest Regulations

Freshly finished homes will obviously comply with the most recent building codes and regulations. This ensures not only the safety and energy efficiency of a new-build home, but can also make it easier to sell your home in the future.

No Onward Chain

With a new build, you will never have to wait for the previous owners to buy a new home and move out themselves. Once the home has been signed off as complete, it’s yours to move in whenever you like. Keep in mind, however, that the earlier you reserve your home – particularly if construction hasn’t yet started – the greater the risk of delays from the housebuilding firm. Until you have exchanged contracts, the estimated completion date is precisely that – an estimation.

More Perks

When you buy an existing home on the conventional market, usually the only figure you can haggle over is the final price. With a new build, once you’ve agreed how much you’re willing to spend, you can often enjoy a selection of ‘incentives’ to sweeten the deal. This might include having your stamp duty paid for you, free carpets or white goods getting included in the price, or even offering a part-exchange on your old home so you don’t need to worry about a sales chain.


When you’ve specified every little detail of how your home is finished – from the kitchen and bathroom units, right down to the door handles and light switches – you know that you won’t need to pick up a paintbrush as soon as you have the keys.

There are lots of reasons why buying a fresh new home is appealing, although between construction delays and snagging lists, it’s the process of doing so is understandably not for everyone. If you’re not sure about the kind of home that suits your family, the best solution is to view a lot of homes and get a feel for how they work for you.

Whichever home you decide is best, make sure you have a survey carried out to confirm that the structure and condition is sound – even new homes are susceptible to human error! Our team of surveyors can help you choose the most effective survey for the property you settle on, while out conveyancers will be happy to help complete your transaction as smoothly as possible. Call us today for more details.