You’ve just viewed the house of your dreams and are itching to make an offer the buyer simply can’t refuse. If you don’t make a bold offer – and fast – the next people are surely going to snap it up!

Well, hold on a minute. It’s nice that in your heart you might have found your forever home, but before you rush into an impulse purchase it’s time to check in with your head. It’s a house, not a nice shirt listed on eBay, after all.

Whether you’ve viewed a hundred homes or just the one, there are 3 key things you need to consider before plunging into the deep end.

1 – The House Itself

Before making any kind of offer it’s essential that you go back and view the property again, this time scrutinising every detail. Bring an impartial friend or impossible-to-please family member if it helps, and follow our list of what to look for during house viewings if you need a guide. Look past the superficial details and consider how well the building will actually suit your lifestyle in terms of size, storage, outdoor space, parking etc.

Look out for any signs of damage that you might want to mention to the surveyor you ask to carry out a survey on the building. Even if you can’t spot any problems, it’s essential that you have an expert give the building a once-over to make sure you don’t discover any unpleasant (and expensive) surprises once you move in.

2 – The Neighbourhood

You know that feeling of coming home, closing the door and feeling like you’ve shut off the world? Well, the world is actually still outside and it’s affecting the value of your property.

Maybe you don’t mind the nearby train line, noisy local pub or untidy neighbour but before you make an offer on the house, consider how those things might affect a future sale. Even if you’re desperate to secure the deal, it’s not worth paying over the odds for a home in a questionable location as you simply won’t recoup your costs when the time comes to sell.

Remember, you can repaint and change the curtains, but do your research on the part of town you’re planning to buy in, including its past reputation and any planned future developments. Keep in mind that having excellent transport links or good schools around the corner will always boost your home’s value, even if those things don’t factor into your own lifestyle right now.

3 – How Much You’re Willing to Pay

Finally, think long and hard about what you’re prepared to pay for the property. You should have decided this before going for a viewing, but once you’ve fallen in love it’s easy to let your heart rule your head and get caught up in a bidding war. Have a “dream” price, a realistic offer and a non-negotiable upper limit. Take into account additional future costs like renovations or repair work – a Building Survey will be able to give you estimates for this.

But an offer isn’t legally binding, right?

No, in England and Wales at least, an offer to buy or sell is not legally binding until both parties have signed and exchanged contracts. However, making an offer and then changing your mind or later lowering the price (known as gazundering) wastes both your time and the vendor’s. Taking the time to consider whether the property is totally right for your family will help you make a more confident offer, or feel happy to find a “forever home” elsewhere.

If you’ve found a home that you think might be perfect for your next step up the property ladder, call our team at Daily Move. Our RICS accredited surveyors can provide HomeBuyer Reports and Building Surveys to identify any defects within your home-to-be, and our experienced conveyancers can make sure your purchase unfolds seamlessly.