Living Room Interior

Getting your home ready for sale is about so much more than tidying up before you move out. Completing odd-jobs, giving it a lick of paint and tidying it up a bit can actually add significant appeal – and therefore value – to your home. Give your home the perfect listing by following our fifteen tips for researching, sprucing-up and staging your home.


  • Check the sale prices in your local area to see how recently-sold homes compare to yours.
  • Arrange an appraisal or valuation to understand the value of your home, either from a qualified surveyor or from a local estate agent. You may want to speak to several estate agents to decide if you would like one to represent you, rather than selling your home privately.
  • Start planning your budget and mortgage arrangements early. Go through your finances to confirm what you can afford to spend on your next home, and factor in the costs of moving vehicles etc. if required.
  • Whether you’re working with an estate agent or selling privately, you will need an experienced conveyancer on board to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Finish your DIY to-do list

  • Little DIY jobs that you fail to even notice anymore will absolutely be spotted by the critical eye of a potential buyer. The more odd-jobs your house needs, the less valuable your home seems to them. Sofa scuffs, paint chips and loose door handles – repair or replace every small detail you can before taking photographs for your listing.
  • Clear out your clutter. Not only will your home look less crowded (and therefore much bigger, and more valuable), but you’ll have much less junk to pack when the time comes to move out.
  • Tidy away any mess like shoes, pet paraphernalia and stacks of papers – let your home’s beautiful features shine through. Put excess furniture in storage if you can.
  • Are there any area that could do with a spruce up? It’s amazing how much a lick of paint and some new hardware can improve the appearance of a dated kitchen or hallway. Loud colours should be toned down so as not to scare potential buyers, and covering worn furniture will make the whole place look fresher.
  • Don’t forget the outside – curb appeal is a huge factor in choosing a new home. Trim the hedges, sweep your step and give your front door the once over.

Staging for pictures

  • Your house should look immaculate in its listing photographs. Give it the clean of its lifetime (or pay a professional to), from its skirting boards to the lampshades.
  • Keep your surfaces clutter-free and de-personalise the space as much as possible so your buyers can imagine themselves living there. Minimise family photos, tidy away all of your bathroom bits and pieces, and keep old shoes out of sight.
  • Add one or two cosy touches to make each room look lived in. We’re talking about books on your bedside, or setting the dining room table. Subtle ‘staging’ will make your home look warm and inviting, and help it stand out in pictures.
  • Make your home look as warm and bright as possible. Make sure window dressings don’t obscure any light, and switch on lamps to highlight dark corners. Your rooms will look bright and large.

Prepare for viewings

  • Keep your home sparkling clean throughout the viewing process. You might want to have a professional cleaner drop by once a week, and consider letting pets stay with friends or relatives for a short time.
  • Be mindful of the foods you cook before a viewing. Wandering around in a haze of garlic, bacon or curry will make buyers think of a fast food restaurant, not a home. It might be a cliché, but baking bread or a freshly brewed coffee will make your home seem more appealing (you can use subtle air fragrances if you need to fake it).
  • In-built storage is a huge deal, so if your home is blessed with it, expect that potential buyers will want to have a little nose inside. Do yourself a favour and keep it organised to perfection.

If you follow these steps it should be easy for your house to stand out from the competition, and we’re sure you’ll have a buyer in no time. At Daily Move, our focus is ensuring your sale or purchase runs as smoothly as possible. If you need any advice about valuations, conveyancing or assistance in buying your new home, please contact our team today.