Mr Childs, Dartford

In February 2017, Mr Childs found out from his solicitor at short notice that, in order to buy his new home in Dartford, Kent, he would need to provide a redemption figure before repaying the Help to Buy loan he had with Target HCA. As he was almost at the point of exchanging contracts, Mr Childs asked us to carry out a valuation as soon as we could, so that his sale didn’t fall through.

It’s not unusual for these kinds of valuations to be left until the last minute, either because homeowners aren’t aware they need to be carried out or because their importance is underestimated. If a report is incorrectly completed it will be sent back to be redone, which can cause a sale to be delayed or even fall through.

On top of that, Help-to-Buy Valuation Reports have to meet certain criteria in order to be approved. For example, the valuation must be carried out by an independent, RICS-qualified surveyor, it has to feature comparisons with at least three closely comparable properties in a 2-mile radius, and it has to be submitted within its 3-month validity period.

At Daily Move, we complete a large number of this type of report for many clients every month and were able to book Mr Childs in with one of our surveyors for an urgent valuation. We worked over the weekend to turn the report around within five days, ensuring that the original exchange date could be met and Mr Childs’ could move to his new home in Dartford, Kent, without delay.